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5 total rounds including fertilizer, weed, and pest control

Round 1 - Fertilizer with Crabgrass Pre Emergent (March-Early April)

Round 2 - Fertilizer with Crabgrass Pre Emergent &

Broadleaf Weed Control (Mid April to May)

Round 3 - Fertilizer & Broadleaf Weed Control (July-August)
* Can also include grub & yellow nuts edge treatment


Round 4 - Fertilizer & Broadleaf Weed Control (September-October)

Round 5 - Fertilizer (November-December)
* Mosquito & Armyworm Control

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A+ Outdoor Services takes pride in our custom designed and installed landscape and hardscape projects, brining your dream outdoor living space to life. Curb Appeal? It's what we do!


Custom designed and installed landscape including mulch, rock, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

Custom designed and installed hardscape such as retaining walls, dry beds, pavers, patios, and more!

Landscape trimming throughout the year of shrubs, perennials, trees, etc.

Spring & Fall clean up of landscape beds


The team at A+ Outdoor Services takes pride in our client connections and relationships. We truly appreciate your interest and would love to discuss your outdoor needs and vision. 


We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us today to schedule a  free consultation and let our team be a part of transforming your happy place!

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